For Employers

Probably because we offer the best deal in the city by having:

1. A wide pool of quality helpers to choose from based on their abilities and work experience rather than their financial ability to pay to get a job.


2. Providing the helper who will have the mindset to focus only on their work for the employer since she no longer carries the burden of the placement fee.


3. Our company mitigate the risk of a mismatch by offering the helper replacement service (within 3 months) with a minimal fee


4. Through no placement fee strategy, this eliminates the problem of overcharging of recruitment fees or illegal loans whenever a helper is hired

For Helpers

1. Without any placement fee, the helper will have no loan to worry while working

2. In order to secure a job, the helper will no longer be exploited by excessive agent fees or illegal loans

3. The helper need not be pressured or obliged to stay with the employer because there will be no placement fee

4. 24 hrs hotline to help you with your personal issues, advise you of your rights

5. Offering legal advice when necessary.

6. Providing mediation service for the resolution of disputes between the helper and her employer.

7. Matching helpers with best employer and job possible.